Reimagining Capitalism

2016 Program Tracks

From panel discussions to debates to one-on-one interviews and more, we will explore the following topics in depth.

Reimagining Capitalism

America’s commitment to free markets has stoked its economy for more than two centuries. For too many in our society today, however, capitalism comes at a great cost. In recent decades, capitalism’s winners have won big, while its losers can’t seem to get a foothold in our economy. The great news is that the spirit of entrepreneurship is sparking new generations of leaders and thinkers who are reimagining work and disrupting old industries in favor of new, more efficient forms of productive endeavor. The bad news: our memory of bailouts and banks too big to fail hasn’t dimmed. Debt — public and individual — is astronomical, global markets are faltering. As technology changes the landscape of work and opportunity, how do we ensure that the capitalism of the 21st century both builds economies and serves humanity and the planet? Do we need a new social contract? 

Track Events

Booz Allen Hamilton Presents: Frenemies—How Peculiar Partnerships Are Redefining Competition
The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future
U.S. Trust Presents: Finding Tomorrow's Success Stories Today—Investing in the Trends That Are Transforming Our World
2016 Festival 1 and Festival 2