The official Aspen Ideas Festival Logo is available here for you to download. The logo is provided in various formats for both print and web usage. Please follow the Aspen Ideas Festival Guidelines provided as a PDF.

Aspen Ideas 2014 Logos

Aspen Ideas Festival Logo FIles to Download

The logos provided below are for the web and print usage. They are provided in full color, grayscale, and black and white. The EPS files are vector. Please refer to the Brand Guidelines PDF (below) for logo usage and restrictions.
Aspen Ideas Logo Full Color for web AIF_RGB.png
Aspen Ideas Black and White for web AIF_BW.png
Aspen Ideas Grayscale for web AIF_GS.png
Aspen Ideas Logo Full Color (RGB) AIF_RGB.eps
Aspen Ideas Logo Full Color (CYMK) AIF_CMYK.eps
Aspen Ideas Logo Full Color (PMS) AIF_PMS.eps
Aspen Ideas Logo Black and White AIF_BW.eps
Aspen Ideas Logo Grayscale for web AIF_GS.eps

Aspen Ideas Festival Brand usage to Download

Please follow the usage guidelines in the provided PDF Download here

Aspen Ideas 2014 Spotlight Health Presenters Speakers