Spotlight Health: News about Speakers for 2016

Next year marks the 110th anniversary of the Pure Food and Drug Act, the first federal law regulating the nation's foods and drugs and the legislation that lead to the creation of the Food and Drug Administration. Today, the FDA regulates more than $1 trillion worth of consumer goods (about 25 percent of US consumer spending), including foods, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and tobacco, and veterinary products.

Spotlight Health celebrates this birthday with a special convening of six former FDA commissioners: 

Margaret Hamburg (2009-2015)
Andrew von Eschenbach (2006-2009)
Mark McClellan (2002-2004)
Jane Henney (1999-2001)
David Kessler (1990-1997)
Frank Young (1984-1989)


Together, these leaders served five presidents over three decades; individually, each directed the FDA during times of both major medical advancements and great challenges to the agency.

What challenges does the FDA face today? What is in store for the new commissioner? Is the FDA doing enough to get life-saving drugs to those in need as quickly as possible? What can and should the FDA do about electronic ("e") cigarettes? Dietary supplements? Cosmetics? How can the agency best ensure the safety of the country's food supply?

Join us at Spotlight Health 2016 to explore these questions and much more with those who have been at the FDA's frontline and in its hottest seat.  With our nation's health at stake and so many of its dollars in play, this dynamic conversation promises to be timely, informative, and most provocative.  

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(Photo: Margaret Hamburg)