Sex on Campus: Is Affirmative Consent Realistic?


College sexual assault has been a significant part of the national conversation for the last two years. So as young co-eds start the new academic year, concern over campus rape is undoubtedly on the minds of many students, parents, and administrators. Nancy Gertner (Harvard Law School) joined The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan at Aspen Ideas to discuss the topic. Gertner, who was a federal judge for 17 years, has been a tireless advocate on behalf of women's issues ranging from domestic violence to abortion rights to rape. She is also one of 28 members of the Law School faculty who signed an open letter that objected to the university's newly adopted sexual harassment policies and procedures. This session delves into the complexity of our laws and university policies regarding campus sexual assault with one of the country's leading experts on this subject. Watch the full session above.

Gertner's writings on the subject of law and campus rape:

Rethink Harvard's Sexual Harassment Policy (open letter to Harvard)

Sex, Lies and Justice

Regulating Sex (New York Times story referred to during the session)