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Addressing Our Planet NOW: How Will We Live in World With Nine Billion Neighbors?

The world’s population is expected to reach nine billion in 30 years, creating significant pressures on natural resources, water, and energy — at a time when poverty in some places and rising middle class populations in others exert new demands on transportation systems and health services. What does this mean for our quality of life?


Showcasing the dilemmas — and innovations — in the years ahead are:

Twitter Aspen Ideas Festival 2012Dennis Dimick, of National Geographic Magazine, and Helen Gayle (photo), of CARE USA, present visual insights as well analyses regarding the implications of nine billion people on the planet. Will we leave the automobile behind in favor of high-tech mobility? Will we walk in the years ahead? US Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, will join others to imagine the future of transportation.


Twitter Aspen Ideas Festival 2012How will we feed ourselves? Former US Ag Secretary Dan Glickman, will join PepsiCo’s Beth Sauerhaft, former senator Tom Daschle have some views about innovation and design that will secure food supplies. As if food isn’t enough, what about water? Sylvia Lee, of Skoll Global Threats, Gary White, of water.org, and Steven McCormick (photo), of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, examine how water access affects broader global security concerns, including interstate relations and trans-boundary conflicts.

Twitter Aspen Ideas Festival 2012Finally: Can we curb the population explosion? Sex and contraception continue to be hot topics in global health—but what do families need? Across the world 215 million women seek access to reproductive services. How can population politics meet reality? UN Foundation’s Tim WirthMusimbi Kanyoro (photo), of the Global Fund for Women, and Gates Foundation’s Chris Elias will prescribe some solutions.  


Aspen Ideas On Air

Twitter Aspen Ideas Festival 2012

This year's Aspen Ideas Festival will welcome a number of the country's smartest television and radio programs — from our friends at NPR's "Talk of the Nation," American Public Media's "Marketplace," and BBC's "The Forum" to MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports," CNBC's "Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo," CNN, CBS, WGBH, Thomson Reuters, to name a few. It's a great way to keep up with the festival when you're not there and to share the big ideas coming out of the festival with friends and family. Check local listings for airtimes.

“On My Radar”

Twitter Aspen Ideas Festival 2012

Introducing a new feature on our blog: Over the coming weeks, will highlight several speakers coming to the Festival. This week, get to know psychologist and prolific writer Lori Gottlieb and find out what’s on her radar. She’s joining us for discussions in the Raising the 21st Century Child track. Read what's on Gottlieb's radar.

Young Scholars

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The Bezos Scholars Program @ the Aspen Institute is pleased to announce the selection of the 2012 Bezos Scholars. This prestigious all-expense-paid scholarship brings together 12 of the nation’s top public high school juniors and 12 exceptional educators for a week of exploration, dialogue and debate at the Aspen Ideas. And for the second consecutive year, in the spirit of global citizenship and global connectivity, the Bezos Scholars Program will include five outstanding students and an educator from the African Leadership Academy in South Africa. Check out the full list!