Moooving from Cows to Crickets: New Forms of Protein

Shobhita Soor, co-founder of Aspire Food Group, speaks at Spotlight Health.
For billions of people around the globe, insects are a common cuisine at the dinner table. A variety of bugs provide critical protein in areas where meat is in short supply, often in poor regions. The company Aspire is working to advance responsible insect farming and normalize consumption of bugs in the western world. “For us, it’s more about preserving this tradition that has really helped protein access in many parts of the world,” says Aspire Co-Founder Shobhita Soor. Already, more than 2 billion people eat insects, says Soor, and 1,700 species have been identified as edible. “You get variety in terms of versatility to cook with, a diverse set of flavors, as well as nutrition.” The Austin, Texas-based Aspire raises crickets and palm weevil larvae on a commercial scale. Palm weevil larvae is one of Soor’s favorites. “It looks like shrimp and tastes like sausage.” Soor argues it’s not just good for the taste buds, it’s good for the environment. Compared to raising livestock, “it takes less land and water to produce insects,” she says.



Technology's Toll on Intimacy


Thanks to technology, we are more connected than ever. But at what cost? How have online dating sites and apps like Tinder, changed attitudes? In this episode of Aspen Ideas to Go,’s Chief Scientific Advisor Helen Fisher joins Eric Klinenberg, co-author of Modern Romance, and Christie Hefner, former Playboy Enterprises CEO, for a conversation about love in the digital age. Subscribe on iTunes, find us on NPR One, or listen on SiriusXM Insight, channel 121.





Moral Commitments & Choices


How can the way messages are crafted lead to more common ground among Washington politicians? Stanford sociologist Robb Willer says typically people make political arguments grounded in their own moral values. What’s more effective is to reframe the argument to appeal to the values of those with opposing positions. Willer will speak about morality at the 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival as part of the Moral Commitments, Moral choices track. Other program tracks.





Memorable Words


“I think the key to success is whether you are good with people. If you love people, if you are the kind of person who looks for the best in people, who doesn’t find fault in people, who praises people, you will do well in life.” — Richard Branson2007 Aspen Ideas Festival