Introducing the Aspen Lectures Compendium

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Aspen Lectures Compendium 2014 ItunesU

Following up on the popularity of the Aspen Lectures, we've answered the call of many of our attendees and online followers to offer more material to accompany the Lectures.

We're excited to introduce the Aspen Lectures Compendium, a guided companion piece to the Lectures.

Available exclusively on iTunes U, the Compendium is chock full of great resources provided by the Lecturers. As Arthur C. Brooks said during his Formula for Happiness lecture, "I've read 30 books about happiness so you don't have to!"

From links to articles to additional videos to book listings (like the top five that Brooks considers essential reading), the Compendium offers an organized and curated  way to dig deeper into the topics presented in the lectures. Video and audio of each lecture is included, available to stream or download for offline viewing and listening.

(To launch the Compendium on your iOS device, download the free  iTunes U app from the App Store, then click here.)

Don't have iTunes? Watch the Lectures here on the website.