Ideas this Week: Music as Therapy, CRISPR's Power, and More


Using Music to Slow Down & Heal

When he’s not leading the band on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jon Batiste teaches kids with asthma and Attention Deficit Disorder how to use music therapy to regulate their pulse and breath. How does music therapy work? Join in as Batiste leads the Spotlight Health audience through a centering practice.



Podcast: CRISPR — A Crack in Creation


CRISPR is the cheapest, simplest, and most effective way of manipulating DNA. It has the power to give us cures, but may also result in mutating embryos to create “better” humans. Berkeley biologist Jennifer Doudna talks about the unthinkable power to control evolution. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, listen on SiriusXM's Insight channel, or find us on NPR One.




Older and Wiser


What advice would you give to your younger self? At Aspen Ideas, Allstate asked participants—some of today’s most innovative thinkers and creators—what wisdom they could have used in their youth. “Trust your gut”; “Don’t be afraid to fail”; “Ask questions”; and “Travel” were just a few of their answers. Read more.




— Quotable —


“Progress requires tension. I think this is a period in which the Latino community is mobilizing around the immigrant reality, but also a newfound voice of self-determination.” — Henry Cisneros, Aspen Ideas 2017