Health Experts Weigh in on the Vaccination Debate

Neeraj Mistry is managing director of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases at the Sabin Vaccine Institute. He spoke at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival.

Paul Offit, a physician and director of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says each year he sees at least one child die of a preventable disease. Often it’s because the parent chose not to vaccinate their child, he adds. The debate around vaccinations and who should decide — parents or the government — was discussed during a panel conversation at Spotlight Health 2015.

The widespread skepticism about vaccines isn’t surprising. Offit says parents in the US are asked to protect their children against 14 different diseases, meaning as many as 26 shots can be administered in the first few years of life. “I think it’s perfectly reasonable people are concerned about vaccines,” he says. For parents with reservations, Offit thinks the value of vaccines needs to be framed in a compassionate way and science should be presented to alleviate concern.

Neeraj Mistry of the Sabin Vaccine Institute says individuals’ doubts about vaccines are in part due to the decreasing prevalence of them. “Some doctors don’t even recognize these diseases anymore,” Mistry says. “It’s out of our memories and as a consequence of that, it’s not pervasive in our social contract.”

Moderator Chris Foster of Booz Allen Hamilton noted the panel was not entirely diverse in its thinking around the issue. He called the medical officials onstage “passionate champions of vaccines and vaccinations.”


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