Guns as a Public Health Issue

Dr. Vivek Murthy speaks with journalist Judy Woodruff at Spotlight Health in June of 2017.
In the wake of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, questions about how to prevent gun violence are resurfacing among politicians, citizens, and public health officials. For years, former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has called gun deaths a public health crisis. At Spotlight Health 2017, shortly after a shooting at a Washington baseball field that critically injured Congressman Steve Scalise, Murthy said "Whenever you have large numbers of people who are dying for preventable reasons, that constitutes a public health crisis." In this Aspen Ideas to Go podcast episode, he speaks with Judy Woodruff about solutions to prevent another mass shooting. Listen on Apple Podcasts, our website, NPR One, and SiriusXM Insight, channel 121.
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How to Talk About Reproductive Rights
In her career in media, Pat Mitchell says two topics were never reported on because of their sheer divisiveness: abortion and peace in the Middle East. Recounting that anecdote at Spotlight Health, she asked her fellow panelists whether they’re hopeful Americans can find common ground on reproductive health. One idea: instead of seeking understanding, find honest disagreement. Read more on our blog.
“When I was in high school my guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I said I wanted to be a scientist. He laughed and said girls don’t do science. I talk to a lot of women who feel held back in various’s unintentional discrimination.” — Jennifer Doudna, co-inventor of CRISPR, Aspen Ideas 2017
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