Daily Update, June 25, 2018


Join a local naturalist on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as you track down the birds of the Elk Range. These hour-long informational walks start at 7:00 am. Consult the Aspen Ideas Festival app for meeting locations.


Wish you could be in two places at once? Follow @AspenIdeas on Twitter for live updates from other panel discussions. You’ll also learn about Facebook Live conversations and Reddit AMAs! And share your best photos of campus with our Instagram @AspenInstitute. Don’t forget to use the official event hashtag #AspenIdeas.


11.6 million US businesses are owned by women. How can we continue to grow this sector? Three successful women business leaders share their ideas at Want to Make Money? Invest in Women at 12:00 pm in the Hotel Jerome Ballroom.

What do the president’s approval rating mean for the midterm elections? Find out at Do the Democrats Have What It Takes to Win Big in 2018—and 2020? at 8:30 pm in the St. Regis Hotel Ballroom.


  • Ready for your car to drive you to campus? Learn more about the future of personal transportation at Allstate Presents: Tip of the Iceberg—The Road to Autonomous Cars starting at 10:20 am in the Booz Allen Hamilton Room.

  • Water is essential for life, but also for business. What can organizations do to conserve this previous resource? Find out at Nestle Waters North America Presents: Water Conservation for 21st Century Business at 3:10 pm in the Kaufman Room.


  • Enjoy some pastries and granola at the Google Tent near the Marble Garden.

  • The Allstate Juice for Good truck will be passing out refreshing beverages all day.

  • Create your perfect trail mix at the General Mills snack tent.