Best Podcasts from Aspen Ideas

Podcast listeners in 2017 heard about technology, politics, loneliness, and creativity in our Aspen Ideas to Go podcast. The weekly show curates onstage discussions for your listening enjoyment. Here’s a taste of top talks. Find the full list of ten on our website.
Jeffrey Sachs on Why We’re Living in a Dangerous Time
World-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs is distressed about the political and social atmosphere in America.
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The Epidemic of Loneliness
Across the industrialized world, millions of people live with sparse human contact, putting their well-being at risk.
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The Three Lives of James Madison
Author Noah Feldman says Madison's legacy matters today more than ever.
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How to Talk Politics in a Divided America
Wondering how to have a civil political discussion over  the holidays? Perhaps your views differ from your  loved ones. Researchers Matt Feinberg and Robb Willer have some advice about how people on different sides of the ideological fence can talk to each other. They told attendees at Aspen Ideas that it’s based on appealing to people’s values. They experimented with reframing political arguments, and it worked. Read more about their advice.
“Self-doubt is passe. It has to be eradicated. If you plant a seed, you don’t dig it up to see if it’s growing. You plant it, you believe in it, you water it, you nurture it, and you go with it.” — Alonzo King, Spotlight Health 2017