5 Talks to Challenge Your Thinking

In an age defined by disruption and transformation, compromise and conflict, it's important to step back and reflect on the big questions that define us and our society. These talks will challenge your thinking. 

To Persuade Others Pay Attention to Their Values

A pair of scientists discovered people tend to make arguments that appeal to the ethical code of their own side rather than the values of those they are trying to persuade. LISTEN

Whom Can We Trust?

The media collapsed this year to become the least trusted institution in America. What does this growing distrust in the media mean for institutions like government and business? WATCH

Bending the Truth

What makes us bend the truth? Little white lies are integrated into our everyday lives as a way to lubricate our social interactions and avoid conflict. But are they all that harmless? WATCH

Leading with a Moral Compass

Corporate leaders face endless pressures to take the fast lane to profitability. But increasingly, CEOs are risking profit in favor of doing the "right thing." LISTEN

How to Live a Moral Life

What does it mean to live a moral life? David Brooks, New York Times op-ed columnist, believes fulfillment of our lives depends on four big comitments and how well we execute them. LISTEN


On the podcast: Hate on the Rise

The number of hate-fueled incidents is spiking in America. This month white nationalists clashed with protesters in   Charlottesville, Virginia. How do today's events compare to     America's other periods of extremism? Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, listen on SiriusXM's Insight channel, or find us on   NPR One.