5 Podcasts on the Power of Ideas

Internationally acclaimed economist Dambisa Moyo speaks with Kevin Delaney at the Aspen Ideas Festival.
Powerful ideas can lead to substantial and impactful change. At Aspen Ideas, David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, explained his ideas on how to fix the world's refugee crisis. It's manageable, he told Steve Clemons, Washington editor at large for The Atlantic. "People look at the scale of the problem and think it's unsolvable," he says, "but making the world better one life at a time is something citizens should do." 
Dambisa Moyo, global economist and author, knows democracies around the globe are at risk of falling prey to nationalism and protectionism. She's developed a radical blueprint for change. One way democracy can survive, she tells journalist Susan Page, is with a solid middle class. "The importance of the middle class is that their job is to hold the government accountable."  
Listen to these ideas and more in these Aspen Ideas to Go podcast episodes.
  1. David Miliband on Fixing the Refugee Crisis
  2. How to Ensure the Survival of Democracy
  3. Sal Khan: Education Reimagined
  4. The Cultural Revolution We Need
  5. Getting In: College Access for All
Looking to Nature for Solutions
A cure for cancer and treatments for infections may be at the bottom of the sea. Kea Krause, science and nature writer, penned an article for The Atlantic about a group of hearty scientists looking for drugs in one of earth's harshest places: the Arctic. Our latest Off Stage podcast series on nature features Krause and other speakers from Spotlight Health (now Aspen Ideas: Health). Their conversations touch on wonder drugs, climate change, and African wildlife.
Apply to Be a Bezos Scholar
The Bezos Scholars Program, which sends its scholars to the Aspen Ideas Festival, is accepting applications for 2019! The program is a year-long leadership development initiative for high school juniors. Seventeen student and educator pairs are selected from across the US and the African Leadership Academy to create a lasting impact in their community. Find out more and apply today.
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