3 Big Conversations You’ll Miss if You’re not at ASPEN IDEAS

Each year, we gather an incredible array of thinkers and leaders from around the globe to discuss pressing issues spanning a range of topics. We're told time and again that what makes Aspen Ideas superlative is the dialogue that happens in sessions and on our campus over the week of the Festival. Here are three big questions we'll address:

1. Is China better at Capitalism than we are?

2. With seven billion mouths to feed, can we revolutionize food production?

3. We are cautiously optimistic about the rise of democracy in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt,
     but is democracy on track in the US?



Don't miss out on these critical conversations! There is a very limited number of passes still available, so register now for the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival, where we will discuss these questions and many more.


We the People: Making a Democracy Work

Last year, Justice Stephen Breyer asked: Why would the people follow the Supreme Court? Watch his illuminating explanation, which we've edited here to just under 14 minutes. Every high school student across the country should see this! "People get pretty cynical, particularly the younger people, about the government of the United States," says Breyer. "But if they are too cynical, they won't participate. And if they don't participate, it won't work."


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