2016 Program Tracks

From panel discussions to debates to one-on-one interviews and more, we will explore the following topics in depth.


Join as we delve into some of the most innovative ideas, thoughtful leaders, and provoking conversations around — the viewpoints of those who inspire us. Among the leaders we are engaging in this programming, we count the former first lady of the United States and activists involved in Black Lives Matter: a varied, thought-provoking group of speakers sure to enrich our conversations long after the Festival. From new approaches to philanthropy, leadership, and investing, to trips to Everest and Supreme Court decisions, the topics for these conversations run the gamut. Here we offer sessions that don’t belong in any of our thematic tracks, but are too good to miss.

Track Events

Marble Garden Tent Roundtable Lunches
Marijuana and the State
Mount Sinai Health System Presents: Cancer Breakthroughs—The Promise of New Treatments
Saving Our Coral Reefs: A Virtual Reality Dive Experience
Science Friday on a Tuesday at Ideas
Can Women Have—and Eat—It All?
Should America’s Role as Global Leader Start at Home?
Southern Company Presents: New American Security—A Greener, Cleaner Military
Challenges in Higher Education
Talking about Science in Popular Media
Comedy Night @ Aspen Ideas Festival
The End of College?
Conservatism and the 2016 Election
Habitat Earth
The Secret Life of Pets (Film)
Toyota Presents: Doing More With Less in a Complex World
Immersive Storytelling: The Power of Virtual Reality
Water Solutions Bubbling Up from Down Under
Investment in K-12 Education
Is Our Lifeblood at Risk?
Festival 1 and Festival 2