Future of Food: Our Planet , Our Plates

2016 Program Tracks

From panel discussions to debates to one-on-one interviews and more, we will explore the following topics in depth.

Future of Food: Our Planet , Our Plates

While political and cultural battles persist over farming subsidies, GMOs, sustainable agriculture, and food deserts, the realities of water scarcity, extreme weather, and population growth across the globe are testing our basic ability to provide. Will the future demand that we radically reimagine what's on our plates, and how it got there? This track will examine what is happening at the cutting edge of food — from the average kitchen to the global stage — and explore what it means for individuals and the environment. And if we are what we eat, how will the future of food define us, draw us together, or drive us apart? 

Track Events

Food Safety From Farm to Fork: Who’s at Risk and What Can Be Done?
Marble Garden Tasting – The Future of Protein and Modern Craft Beer
Why Is Our Bread So Damn White?
Modern Craft Brewing: Art, Science, and the Pursuit of Hoppiness
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