2016 Program Tracks

From panel discussions to debates to one-on-one interviews and more, we will explore the following topics in depth.


Technology and human ingenuity are partnering to propel health and medicine forward. Pioneers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, some fueled by the energy of youth, others steeped in the wisdom of experience, are using computing power, new tools, and profound insights to advance prevention, unlock the key to longevity, repair genetic flaws, reinvent health systems, and create a new normal for people living with once-devastating diseases. The future belongs to those with the courage to dream it and the skills to research, hack, engineer, and design it into reality. What is on the horizon, and who is taking us there?

Track Events

Mount Sinai Health System Presents: Cancer Breakthroughs—The Promise of New Treatments
Booz Allen Aspen Ideas Award: $25,000 Pitch Competition
Booz Allen Hamilton Presents: Digital and Connected Health – Fulfilled Promise?
Brigham and Women's Hospital Presents: Living Better Longer – The Science Behind Healthy Aging
Building a Better World: The Power of Health Philanthropy
The SCAN Foundation Presents: Getting Person-Centered to Get Results
The Well Curve: Infectious Madness and Cognitive Deficits at Home and Abroad
Driving Change in Precision Medicine: The Intersection of Big Data and Collaboration with Patients
Spotlight Health