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Who is Mitt Romney, Anyway?

Aug 16, 2012

There was a great deal of discussion about the Presidential Race at Aspen Ideas. Here's an excerpt from a talk with E.J. Dionne, Jr., The Atlantic's Molly Ball interviewed Dionne.

Ball "What kind of Republican do you think Mitt Romney is?"

Dionne "I don't think we really know the answer to that question.  The one thing you might be able to say is he does seem to respond to the political forces he's dealing with and that if he were elected it is highly likely that the Republicans will control — the House might control the Senate.  And I think he will follow through on these conservative — a lot of these conservative positions." Watch the full clip here:


Dionne goes on to reflect on President Obama, as well, and contends that he is a politically moderate and the Democratic Party is not nearly as left leaning as Republicans contend. "If they're such a leftwing party why did they pass a relatively moderate, some would say watered-down version of Wall Street reform?" says Dionne. "If they're so leftwing, why was a third of the stimulus tax cuts?"

Watch the full clip here:



E.J. Dionne, Jr. is a syndicated columnist with The Washington Post, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a professor at Georgetown University. His latest book is Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent, published this spring by Bloomsbury.

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