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On TV: US Economy - Solutions to Crisis

Oct 08, 2012

The economy is on everyone’s mind. And that’s why it is the focus of tonight’s episode of The Aspen Institute Presents: Economy Solutions to Crisis.

The show opens with David Rubenstein and Mortimer Zuckerman discussing whether or not our recession is actually a modern-day depression. What are the four key post-recession issues that we absolutely have to fix?

Tonight's episode also includes Howard Shultz talking about our collective responsibility and how citizenship must outweigh partisanship; Arianna Huffington describes how we can create jobs for young people; Tyler Cowen makes the case that innovation isn’t happening to the degree that it did a century ago; several mayors put forth solutions that are working in our nation's cities; and Lawrence Summers injects a bit of optimism as he lays out the case for why we’ll remain preeminent; and much more.

Interested in all of the full sessions from the Economy track at the Festival? Watch them here on our website or download the full track on iTunes U. Also read more about the show and upcoming episodes here.

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