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On TV Tonight: America 2012

Oct 02, 2012

Episode 3, America 2012: A Country Divided, airs tonight on WORLD, 8PM est. The Aspen Institute Presents: America 2012: A Divided Country.

Disparate views shared the stage at Aspen Ideas for civil conversation on health care policy, voter fraud, and political media coverage.

Scroll down to see the incredible lineup of policy makers, advisors, scholars, politicians, journalists, and other leaders who joined the various discussions and presentations. Watch the full episode on WORLD.

Interested in all of the full sessions from the America 2012 track at the Festival? Watch them here on our website or download the full track on iTunes U.

Following is the complete list of sessions for the America 2012 track at the Festival. Watch and listen here on our site!

Can We Afford to Be Healthy?
Supreme Court Ruling on President Obama's 2010 Health Care Law
US and Mexico
Hearts, Minds and the Election
The Real Romney
Can Teachers Unions be Partners Reforming Schools in the 21st Century?
Where Should US Go Next with Its Foreign Policy
America's Domestic Outlook
Requiem for the American Dream
What Does It Take to Be an Effective President?
Charlie Rose: The Interview
Can We Become Energy Independent?
America the Post-Superpower
Lessons in Education
Our Divided Political Heart
Why do We Celebrate Independence Day on July 4?
Why We'll Remain Preeminent
The Health Care Decision
Coding the Next Chapter of History
Finding North (Post Screening Discussion)
What Will It Take to Govern in This Highly Polarized Environment?
Media and the Election - Prognosticating Campaign 2012
A 360 Degree View of Campaign 2012