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On TV: Sports Taken Seriously

Nov 20, 2012

Tonight’s episode of The Aspen Institute Presents concludes the 10-part series from the stages of the Aspen Ideas Festival. It delves into the state of sports in modern society.

So much is at stake for athletes. In fact, many young athletes are groomed to use sports as a ticket out of poverty; but in this process, some would argue, they are not properly mentored in sportsmanship thus changing the game and the very nature of sports in our society.

This episode looks at the intersection of college athletes’ education with the big business of college sports as entertainment. The lines between amateur and professional sports are blurry — should the NCAA allow compensation for college athletes?

Finally, the issue of concussions and head injuries in football has taken center stage with the NFL and to some extent in college and amateur sports. (We’ve highlighted news coverage here, here and here.) Former NFL stars Jim Brown and Kevin Turner, who’s suffering from ALS disease linked to head injuries, speak out about real dangers of the sport. Can football survive?


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Jim Brown