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On TV: Art Matters

Nov 13, 2012

This episode of The Aspen Institute Presents delves into the importance of art with some of contemporary culture's most creative forces.

Moby talks at length about his love of photographing Los Angeles, the joy he gets from collaborating with his heroes, and his process for making music—which he calls a “monastic” experience.

Julie Taymor reveals how her experiences living in Indonesia as a teenager profoundly influenced her craft as a theater, opera, and film director.

Don’t miss Oskar Eustis and others discussing the impact of theater and Stanley Tucci on his current, and deeply personal, documentary project.

Interested in all of the full sessions from the Arts track at the Festival? Watch them here on our website or download the full track on iTunes U.  Also read more about the show and upcoming episodes here.

Following is the complete list of sessions for the Arts and Culture: Art Matters track at the Festival. Watch and listen here on our site!

In Conversation with Moby

In Conversation with Julie Taymor

Making Cities Sing

Joe Papp in Five Acts: A Post-screening Discussion

In Conversation with Stanley Tucci