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Tonight on TV: The Transformative Power of Technology

Sep 25, 2012
CATEGORY: Education, Technology

Tonight on The Aspen Ideas Presents: The Transformative Power of Technology. Educators, policy-makers, and young inventers look at technology’s innovative side. From its role in affecting education reform to mapping our cities to revolutionizing everyday lifestyle, the show — presented in conjunction with “American Graduate” — will explore what’s happening and what’s to come. (Follow on Twitter with #amgrad.)

Key speakers featured on this episode include Rehema Ellis, Miles Gilburne, Ted Mitchell, Randi Weingarten, Joanne Weiss, Andrew Ng, Marissa Mayer, Vijay Vaitheeswaran, Ed Parsons, Linda Tischler, Jerry Murdock, Dave Morin, Tim O'Reilly, Eric Feng.

Watch the full episode of The Aspen Institute Presents on WORLD Channel

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Post by: Tricia Johnson