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Steven Chu on 'Glucose Economy' and Energy Alternatives

Nov 17, 2011
CATEGORY: Environment


US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is in the spotlight today as he testifies at a hearing held by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, about the government-backed loan guarantee to failed solar manufacturer Solyandra.

In the short video clip above, Chu talks about where the phrase "glucose economy" came from and describes exciting technology for turning plant sources into fuels. Beyond traditional solar power, "You can capture the sun's energy and you can make biomass," says Chu. "You can use the energy to make biofuels."

Watch Chu's full session, in which he talks about a wide range of energy issues including nuclear collection —post Fukushima Daiichi — compared to coal and natural gas.

For an in-depth look at making biofuels, watch Jay D. Keasling's talk here where he maps out the exciting field of synthetic biology.