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Married to Your Job? David Brooks Gives Career Advice

Aug 18, 2016
CATEGORY: Society, Economy, U.S.A.

David Brooks and Arthur Brooks, both contributors to the New York Times, spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival about how to find meaning at work.

New York Times columnist and PBS commentator David Brooks says there are two ways to look at your job, “When people make mistakes, it tends to be because people look at their work as a career rather than a marriage.”

He adds there are two different frames of mind: a utilitarian mindset or an emotional-moral mindset. He argues no one would enter a marriage with a utilitarian mindset, questioning whether the union passes a cost-benefit analysis test: Am I getting more out of it than I’m putting in? “You don’t enter a marriage that way, and in my view, you shouldn’t enter a career that way either.” He recommends entering a career with the mindset of “Who can I serve? What am I pouring my love into? And, am I all in?” He says that’s what turns a career into a vocation.

Brooks continues in the video clip below, discussing the difficulty of choosing what to do. He quotes an influential philosopher on how to find fulfilling work.

Watch the entire session Job as Vocation: Finding Meaning in Our Work.

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