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It's a Takeover of Aspen Ideas to Go!

Jun 28, 2016

Announcing the Aspen Ideas to Go Podcast TAKEOVER. In the spirit of a diverse exchange of ideas, we’ve handed over the mic to a handful of Festival presenters to take over the show!

During the week of the Aspen Ideas Festival—going on now through July 2nd—five Takeover Hosts—Perri Peltz, Franklin Leonard, Maria Hinojosa, Pete Dominick, and Emily Yoffe will bring the Festival to you. The Takeover hosts have enlisted other Festival speakers to sit down for probing conversations about women and incarceration, relationships and love, the Black Lives Matter movement, cultural diversity in pop culture, and more. The result is a flurry of compelling and entertaining conversations about a variety of work and issues that are being explored at this year’s Festival.

On the ground in Aspen, Takeover Hosts bring the Festival to you—whether you’re in Aspen or somewhere else around the globe.