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How Will America’s Changing Values Impact the Election?

Sep 30, 2016
CATEGORY: Society, U.S.A.
Kristen Soltis Anderson, Stan Greenberg, and DeRay Mckesson discuss how the changing demographics in the United States are impacting the presidential election. They were on a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June.
Pollster and political strategist Stan Greenberg isn’t surprised about how the presidential election is shaking out. He predicts Donald Trump will lose and the outcome will be a close examination by Republicans of changing American values. “I did think this would be a shattering election for the GOP,” he says, “and that it would be an endgame of an era against dominant trends in the country.” Greenberg was the senior pollster for President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and President Nelson Mandela. Now he provides research and strategic advice to progressive groups, candidates, and leaders through his organization Democracy Corps.
The growing dominant group in the United States includes racial minorities, unmarried women, millennials, and seculars, Greenberg says. “Every one of those groups is growing at a dramatic pace.” One minority — Latinos — will account for nearly one-third of the country’s population by 2060. Greenberg believes the outcome of this election will reveal just how influential Latinos and the other growing groups are when their values — like equality, tolerance, empathy, and education — show up on the ballot. “I think this is going to be a disruptive and amazing moment when this election happens,” Greenberg says, “when people begin to examine what values are dominant.”
Below, watch the entire conversation What Is the 2016 Election Teaching Us About a Changing America.
By Marci Krivonen, Associate Editor/Producer, Public Programs