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Highlights from Day 6 of Aspen Ideas

Jul 03, 2012

"We don’t want to as a federal government tell cities how to solve problems, but we should be a resource and not stand in their way." —Lisa Jackson

"What’s really fascinating is how much quality improvement there is to be had in this health care system." —David Leonhardt

"The reason we didn’t get stronger cost controls (in the Affordable Care Act) is it was only Democrats who voted on it, and Republicans walked away from whole bill."  —Neera Tanden

“You can argue about big things, but if you want to get people really upset, make sure the pothole in front of their house is not fixed.”  —Mitch Landrieu

"Nationalism is manipulated by the ruling class. Censorship may not have slowed the economy. But, the Chinese want free access to facebook." —Minxin Pei

“The responsibility to protect was agreed on unanimously by the UN in 2005. What was not agreed on at any time is what it means.” —Stephen Carter