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Highlights from Day 5

Jul 01, 2013

Albright Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

“Elections are necessary, but they’re not sufficient. If one is focused only on an election and not on institution building, you’ve only got half the story.” —Madeleine Albright

Hass Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

“History is far more likely to be rewritten in Asia than in the Middle East.” —Richard Haass

Joel Klein Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

“If we can double the time a kid reads and double the time she writes, we can change the world.” —Joel Klein

Shirley Ann Jackson Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

“[With MOOCs] the real question becomes, where is human intervention important?” —Shirley Ann Jackson

David Boies Aspen Ideas Festival

“Once you establish the right to equality, once you establish the right to marry, I don’t think you’re going to get backlash. You sometimes find backlash when you establish a new right. Nobody thinks allowing gays and lesbians to marry is going to harm them; they may disapprove, but they don’t think it’s going to harm.” —David Boies

Jacob Lew Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

“We cannot be in a position ever again to decide whether or not the government could default.” —Jacob Lew