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Faith, Leadership, and Spirituality: A Deep Dive

Dec 25, 2018
CATEGORY: Society, U.S.A.

Reverend Adam Hamilton leads a Methodist church in Kansas City. He talks with journalist Joshua Johnson about mending divisions in his church, and around the country, in the Aspen Ideas to Go podcast.

Can faith help unite us in divided times? How are religious leaders navigating divisions inside and outside their places of worship? Listen below to conversations that dive deeply into faith, leadership, and spirituality. These discussions are led by Joshua Johnson, founding host of WAMU's "1A."

Off Stage 12: Addressing Partisanship at the Pulpit

Adam Hamilton ministers to about 20,000 Methodists in and around Kansas City. He says he’s determined to mend the deep divisions he sees in his congregation. He speaks with guest host Joshua Johnson. Johnson hosts “1A,” a national news/talk radio show produced by WAMU in Washington, DC.


Off Stage 13: One Synagogue’s Unconventional Outreach Approach

Shira Stutman is senior rabbi at a historic synagogue in Washington, DC that’s doing innovative things. The ‘Sixth & I’ is a non-denominational, non-membership, non-traditional Jewish synagogue. Talks, concerts, and comedy shows are held there with a goal to enlighten and inspire people to live more meaningful lives. In her conversation with “1A” host Joshua Johnson, Stutman describes how religion is helping mend societal divides and how her synagogue is connecting with community.


Off Stage 14: Islam in America Today

Imam Khalid Latif is New York University’s first Muslim chaplain. In this political and cultural moment, he says students deal with issues around race and religious intolerance. “A lot of identities in the United States are seen through the prism of racialized identities.” In his interview with WAMU’s Joshua Johnson, he talks about Islamophobia, building interfaith bridges, and the role of religion in one’s life.


The "Off Stage Series" goes into the issues that impact all of us. These conversations feature presenters at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Off Stage is part of the Aspen Ideas to Go podcast.
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