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Day Two: Seen and Heard at the Festival

Jun 29, 2014

Anand Giridharadas Aspen Ideas 2014

“Violence seems to be not just incidental to what goes on in America but seems to be part and parcel of the fabric of who we are.” — Anand Giridharadas

Randi Weingarten Aspen Ideas  2014

“Half of all kids in public education are below the poverty line. Two-thirds of the achievement gap comes from factors outside of school. Teachers influence about seven to ten percent of what happens in kids’ lives. When you think about those statistics, you have to think about how to re-envision education so it’s holistic, and so we share responsibility.”  — Randi Weingarten

Crane Aspen Ideas 2014

“We have the technology now to solve this problem (of climate change); all we have to have is the will. The will will come when the American consumer says, ‘I’m embracing this.’” — David Crane

Tony Fadell

“Once we are educated, we will take action.”  — Tony Fadell

Molly Worthen

“At the turn of the 20th century, many white Protestant Americans felt the same way about Catholics as they do about Muslims today. Irish-Americans were not considered white until the ’20s or ’30. So race is this fluid thing.” — Molly Worthen

John Deasy 2014 Aspen Ideas

“The most perilous students don’t get the right to the best teachers.” - John Deasy