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Day Three: Seen and Heard at the Festival

Jun 30, 2014

Kay Hymowitz

“Inevitably you’re going to have to bring dads into this discussion if you’re going to talk about women in the workplace and equality.” — Kay Hymowitz

Anne Mosle

“It’s about shared faith and a shared future; it’s about human capital. If we don’t invest in human capital, we’re sunk. Demographics are changing enormously; family structures are changing. What we’re trying to knot together is different ways of working.” — Anne Mosle

Dick Metcalf

“There’s absolutely no question in my mind as a history scholar that the framers of the Second Amendment, and the Constitution in general, they knew what ‘militia’ meant, they knew what ‘regulated’ meant, they knew what  ‘the people’ meant.” — Dick Metcalf


“We intuitively know there’d be less young men in prison. We intuitively know young people would do better in college if they did a year of service.” — Stanley A. McChrystal


“This is the beginning of a golden age. We can have 100 million micro-entrepreneurs all over the world,” — Brian Chesky

“We’re awful in America about lessons learned. We are forward thinking; we just move on. We need to catalog and categorize lessons from the last twelve years.” — Mike Mullen