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Day 1: Seen and Heard at AIF

Jun 28, 2014

Henry Evans Aspen Ideas 2014


“By virtue of remote presence devices, I was able to travel all over the world while lying in my bed.” — Henry Evans  (quadriplegic)


Walter Isaacson Aspen Ideas 2014


“Most creativity in this world comes from collaboration.” — Walter Isaacson


Alfre Woodward Aspen Ideas 2014


“The creative impulse is in human beings like blood, which has different types, but is in every one us of us.”  — Alfre Woodard


Tom Wilson 2014 Aspen Ideas


“Having people work three months just to pay taxes is the modern day equivalent of debtors’ prisons.” — Tom Wilson


Calo Aspen Ideas 2014


“We’re going to need a new federal agency to deal with robots. … What would the Department of Transportion do when the first driverless cars crash into each other?” — Ryan Calo


Jackie Bezos Aspen ideas 2014


“We know that all children are born with potential. We know they’re not all born with opportunity. We plan to level the playing field.” — Jackie Bezos


Jana Levin Aspen Ideas 2014


“If we consider accepting our cosmic insignificance, it gives us some perspective.” — Janna Levin


 Alexander Reben


“What if our devices were more curious about us?” — Alexander Reben



“Cities can never really become what they want to become if people are not safe. American can’t be strong abroad if it’s not strong at home. There can’t be peace abroad if there’s not peace in America.” — Mitch Landrieu

Goldberg Aspen Ideas 2014

“It’s not called the ‘Aspen Good Ideas Festival;’ it’s just the Aspen Ideas Festival.” — Jeffrey Goldberg