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Aspen Ideas: Show Up Part 1

Bottoms Keisha Aif2020

“This is what I carry in me every day as a leader. I carry that I truly am the hope of the slave.”

Keisha Lance Bottoms Mayor (D), City of Atlanta
Episode 2 Hero 1

Aspen Ideas: Show Up Part 2

Yellopain Showup2020

“You must never, ever give up. You must never, ever give in or get lost in a sea of despair.”

John Lewis Congressman, Georgia's 5th District (D), US House of Representatives;...

“Contact tracing is one element of a multi-faceted response to control. It isn’t the only one, but it’s an important one.”

Anthony Fauci Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Madeleine Albright 2018

“Diplomacy has to be something that is within a strategy and is planned.”

Madeleine K. Albright ​Chair of the Albright Stonebridge Group
Alicia Garza 2019

“While this is an incredible moment of uprising and an incredible moment of reckoning, I really long for this to also be a moment for change.”

Alicia Garza Founder of Black Futures Lab and Black Lives Matter
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