Delivered by Martin Luther King on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 50 years ago this summer, his call for an end to racism in the United States...



April 04, 2014
Tom Friedman and Solly Granatstein joined forces with filmmakers and celebrities to create "Years of Living Dangerously," a new series premiering on...
Obesity is associated with type II diabetes, which over time wears out the pancreas. A gastrointestinal liner developed by Massachusetts-based GI Dynamics may restore the obese to a healthy weight by preventing food from contacting the intestinal wall. The “Endobarrier” is routed endoscopically through the mouth—unlike a gastric bypass, but no surgery is necessary—and lines the first two feet of the small intestine, where the most calories are absorbed (nutrients are still absorbed farther down the intestine).
—Ernst & Young