Did you know?

FACT: Economy

Fully 76 percent of young adults believe their personal financial situation will improve over the course of the next year, compared with fewer than half of those ages 30 and older.

–Pew Research Center
FACT: World

72 percent of American Muslims say their communities are good or excellent places to live, and they believe in the American dream.

—Pew Research Center

In a 2008 poll, 36 percent of Americans thought that the US was more safe from terrorism as a result of the US military action against Iraq; 24 percent thought we were less safe, 38 percent thought it made no difference and 2 percent was unsure. In 2010, the poll resulted in 25 percent of Americans think we are more safe from terrorism, 18 percent thinks we are less safe, 55 percent thinks it has made no difference and 2 percent was unsure.

—CBS News Poll
FACT: Health
$1.50: Price for one 325-mg tablet of Acetaminophen in the average US hospital
$1.49: Price of 100 tablets of Acetaminophen on Amazon. 
–TIME, March 2013